2018 World Finalists

The 2018 Imagine Cup World Finals in Seattle brings together student teams from different countries to compete for the Imagine Cup. Check out the 2018 finalists below:

Group photo of team ADAM Robo



ADAM robot uses innovative eye evaluations to identify sight-related medical conditions. With bot conversations, an individual is guided through vision tests to identify refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia (loss of near vision with age), astigmatism, as well as Daltonism (color blindness).

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Group photo of team BeachSafer



Our solution is to make swimming safer by eliminating the danger of drowning. Using a smart, wearable Internet of Things device, it provides interactive real-time monitoring on a swimmer's biometrics and their location to a lifeguard's mobile app.

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Group photo of team BeeConnex



We designed and developed an Internet of Things-based solution for beekeeping called "the Smart Hive". With our solution, sounds, images, weight, and humidity from inside the hives are captured and transmitted to the cloud. Signals are processed and classified using signal processing, feature extraction, and deep learning. Beekeepers can remotely monitor several hives in real-time and are notified when abnormalities are analyzed.

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Group photo of Beehive Drones

Beehive Drones


Our project, Beehive Drones Agriculture, is a project aiming to apply Internet of Things swarm drones technology as a new approach to solve one of the biggest problem in the world: the increasing demand for food.

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Group photo of team Biolegend



"Bioknee" is a rehabilitation system providing clinical therapists and patients a communications platform during a procedure. It can predict the time to heal through Machine Learning, encouraging the patient to continue rehabilitation.

Group photo of team BlackLight


United Kingdom

Firepoint is a first-person mixed-reality simulator to help firefighters experience firefighting scenarios, but without putting anyone at risk. We are using the latest in mixed-reality technology—HoloLens & Windows Mixed Reality—for the simulator.

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A screenshot from Boomerang's project


United States

For asthmatic patients, we constructed an affordable device to slip onto any inhaler: a rubber sleeve with pockets enabling the installation of an NFC sticker, beacon, ringer, and a light. Our mobile application, Boomerang, detects an out-of-range or in-range inhaler, notifying the user when appropriate. Boomerang predicts, prevents, and addresses asthma attacks, building a community of patient-centered support.

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Group photo of team CLASSUM



CLASSUM is a combination of two words Class + Forum. Our team created open chatrooms for students to discuss their class material.

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Group photo of team Coffee Break

Coffee Break


We've developed a project for liquids recognition, especially in wine and coffee, based on their spectrum using machine learning algorithms. With the spectrums of known brands, we can translate them into a vector representation and train a gradient boosting model. The spectrums create a unique digital representation: a natural substance barcode.

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Group photo of team DeafKIT



We've built an automatic solution for sign language translation, bridging the gap between those who understand sign language and those who do not. Our solution is based on neural networks, providing translations through video capture, with up to 100% accuracy.

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Group photo of team Drugsafe



DrugSafe is a multi-layered holistic drug validation system using technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Using three unique checks, DrugSafe validates the drug and informs the user if it is safe to use.

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Group montage of team Emergensor



We are researchers who are studying about conflict, people’s behavior, communication or smartphone sensors, and we hope our expertise can be properly used to solve current critical social issues. This is a collaboration of selected members from the Social ICT Global Creative Leaders Development Program, in partnership with respective professors from the University of Tokyo, Japan.

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Group photo of En#22.45km



E-Call is an abbreviation of Emergency Call and our application supports emergency room operators. It writes out the caller’s statements and analyzes in real-time to categorize the problem. Once analyzed, the program suggests an appropriate response for the situation.

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Group photo of ERANOI



RedBeat is a monitoring system through a pocked-sized Internet of Things watch. It measures the vital signals of a patient's temperature, humidity, heart rate, blood oxygen, and heart electrical activity. All information is sent to a dashboard in real-time, and is shared with your doctor.

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ezaki-lab logo



EFFECT is an artificial intelligence system for automatically feeding sea surface farming, such as red sea bream and pseudocaranx dentex. It provides optimal, automatic feeding from fry fish to shipmeant ready.

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Group photo of Fe Amaan

Fe Amaan


Miscarriage is the natural death of the fetus and it is the worst complication a parent can ever face. The solution we created is a portable, wearable, and user friendly device to monitor the fetal stability without any harm to both the mother and the fetus.

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Photo of a team Hachy member



With the rise of machine learning and image recognition technologies, the market has seen various agricultural tools. Our project is a tool for egg farmers and consumers, for smart egg checking. Hachy aims to provide an easy way to identify the development status of the egg and reduce the time for homestead farmers who raise eggs.

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Group photo of team Hypebeat


New Zealand

"Making it" as a musician in the new age of digital music, streaming, and social media is about doing what works for your brand and business, as it is about great music. We show musicians what works, so they can achieve their creative vision.

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Group photo for team iCry2Talk



iCry2Talk is a low-cost and non-invasive intelligent interface between the infant and the parent. It translates in real-time the baby’s crying and associates it with a specific physiological and psychological states, depicting the results in a text, image, and a voice message.

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Group photo to team innobie



We have developed a smartphone application to give 2D shapes 3D spatial properties. It's easy to envision common shapes illustrated on paper, but something like a dodecahedron is harder to explain. Through augmented reality, our solution lets the user see the shape in 3D where they can walk around the object. We've optimized our application for major primary school subjects such as biology, history, geography, and chemistry.

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Group photo of Interview Bot


United Kingdom

InterviewBot is a web-based application to aid the user with video and physical interviews when applying for a job. As we are second-year students seeking internships, we couldn't find a tool to help us prepare for interviews. InterviewBot gives real-time feedback with interview questions.

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Group photo of team Lexa



LEXA is a platform developed to save people's lives and eliminate medical prescription fraud. By using an open, public blockchain we can securely store medical prescriptions. Every medical prescription can be checked for validity.

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Group photo of team Loro


United States

About 70 million people require a wheelchair worldwide. These individuals suffer from physical barriers, social exclusion, health and safety concerns, which all have psychological impacts. Our solution is a platform providing a smart companion robot for wheelchair users. Loro is designed to provide the user with intelligent navigation, health monitoring, social interaction, and smart home connectivity.

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Group photo of team Mediated Ear

Mediated Ear


Mediated Ear is software for hearing-impaired individuals to focus on a specific speaker among a multitude of conversations. Mediated Ear can relay specific sounds in audio waveforms through deep learning.

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Logo for team Muma



Working with the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), our goal is to find a creative solution for uncaptured music usage online. The result of our work is a project called Muma. Muma is a music matching service to help identify music usage online and capture more revenue for our customers.

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Group photo of team NASC



NASC is a web app for searching news articles on the web. It evaluates the sentiments in the articles and visualizes the results in three different views designed for different cases. Our goal is to encourage people interested in politics—and other important topics and events—to go beyond the first search result and look at multiple articles expressing different viewpoints.

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Group photo of team Pavo



Pavo Vision makes websites more accessible to visually impaired users. Through AI, images and other non readable website content will be analyzed and made available to visually impaired people. Through crowd sourcing, mistakes can be fixed and the algorithm improves to generate more accurate descriptions.

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Group photo of team Pengram


United States

Pengram is an AR/VR platform for engineers to be holographically teleported into a workspace when needed. For example, if an operator is repairing a $100,000 medical device and needs help, they can wire into our service with Hololens and watch an expert perform the repairs in 3D.

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Group photo of Peppa Team

Peppa Team


Our project consists of a smart hoop, toy car, and an app to help kids with ADHD through games. Kids can use brain waves to operate the toy car, training their ability to focus. The app provides the results of the examination, with real-time detection and adjuvant therapy. The combination of a brain/computer interface and deep learning is a breakthrough in the application of Recreation Therapy concepts.

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Group photo of PINE.



Pineapples are ranked third-most important, and the second-most exported tropical fruit in Malaysia. Before shipping the fruits, exporters determine the quality of the pineapples. Our team developed a sensor with Internet of Things, and it uses machine learning through Azure cloud computing to predict the sweetness of pineapple.

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Practikality logo



We've created a 3-in-1 solution bridging the gap between the disabled and mainstream society. Covering three disabilities—speech impairment, hearing impairment, and visual impairment—our solution VOICE: gives an expressive output by closely matching human speech, EASI: has a customizable database enabling a person to add personal signs to reduce the lag between interpretations, and VISION: features like face recognition and environmental analysis to make everyday navigation more safe for the visually impaired.

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Group photo of team Proland



Proland is a machine learning solution for agriculture and agriculture-related activities. We've observed many farmers planting crops without considering what is most appropriate for their land, both economically and environmentally. Our ML model uses historical temperature, precipitation, and ton/acre yield values. We tested our current model and predicted the quantity harvested with 92.5% accuracy.

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Logo for RealVol



RealVol features a virtual reality-based immersive walkthrough inside a CT or MRI volume. It uses an advanced volumetric algorithm to directly convert 2D CT/MRI scan images to 3D volumes for interactive visualizations.

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Group photo of ShowNM



Our project addresses the difficulties of quantitative diagnosis for Parkinson’s disease. Combining deep learning with signal processing, we utilize the convolutional neural network to extract features from the patients’ surface electromyography and then grade their states according to a nonlinear classifier. With this method, doctors are able to provide an appropriate therapy for their patients.

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Logo for smartARM



We created SmartARM: a functional, robotic prosthetic hand. Using Microsoft Azure's computer vision, machine learning, and cloud storage, this robotic hand uses an embedded camera to recognize objects and calculate an appropriate grip for the object. With machine learning, the more the model is used, the more it improves.

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Group photo of SochWare



Excessive use of chemicals not only destroys crops, but negatively impacts our ecosystem. We have designed a solution to help farmers identify plant diseases, suggest mitigation strategies, connect with experts, and get updated with recent agriculture findings. Additionally, our solution will enable farmers to alert nearby harvesters of any situation.

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Group photo of team Soul Sailor

Soul Sailor


Soul Sailor is a platform providing psychlogical care for refugees and asylum seekers. It provides a chatbot called Mayu to help process the experience of seeking refuge. Platform and ChatBot are accessible via a mobile application distributed through Expo.

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Group photo of StudySmarter



StudySmarter is a learning platform to help you to learn more effectively, stay motivated, and become structured. We use machine learning to enhance your study materials!

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Group photo of team Tale


Hong Kong

Tale is a presentation coach for providing feedback on a user's presentation or speech. Our solution utilizes artificial intelligence to improve one's video performance in a presentation. The AI examines different presentation dimensions and gives instant feedback to the users, providing analytical results and suggestions.

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Group photo of Team 7x

Team 7x


Our team has developed ProCubeX: a smart, interactive, and programmable cube for dyslexia users to learn the alphabet, vocabulary, mathematics, and even shapes in a provider-assisted or self-directed learning session.

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Group photo of Team Prometheus

Team Prometheus

United States

Our team combines surveillance drones with machine learning to detect wildfires in their early stages. The concept is to leverage the vast amounts of wildfire images and videos available on the internet. This media is used to train a machine learning algorithm to detect the presence of a fire, however small it may be.

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Individual photos of the Team Sentinel members

Team Sentinel

New Zealand

Sentinel is a control system that wirelessly monitors and manages rainwater tanks. It transmits water levels and other information to the Sentinel app. Interfacing with local tank-refilling companies, Sentinel ensures rural homes, farms, and holiday homes never run dry. All data is aggregated using Azure Internet of Things Hub, where users may access their tank through our web-dashboard, or through the cross-platform Sentinel mobile app created with Xamarin.

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A montage of group members for Team TBC

Team TBC


Our project is to help companies hire the right students through sophisticated data-driven algorithms based on psychology, face/gestures-recognition, and company culture assessment. The algorithms are also used to help the service industry better communicate with customers through psycho-type and emotion detection in real-time.

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Group photo of team Theatrall



Our ambition is to make theater accessible for everyone—deaf or hearing-impaired individuals, foreigners, or anyone who wishes to have subtitles. Our solution is software. It is paired with smartglasses, smartphones, or tablets to display subtitles in a language chosen by the user.

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Group photo of team UniRide


New Zealand

UniRide is a phone app helping students who are frustrated with public transport. Our app makes the transition from public transportation to carpooling as a faster, cheaper, and more social alternative. UniRide facilitates the process of finding, creating, and managing a carpool. It uses an intuitive map interface to display other participating students in the area, while providing additional information, such as a compatible timetable.

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Group photo of team Vinculum


United States

Vinculum leverages image processing and computer vision technology to determine if separated family members might be in another location. Our application determines a similarity score between a submitted image and the photos in our database.

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Group photo of team VisionX



XVision is a system designed to automatically detect anomalies and diseases encountered anywhere in the human body. With radiologist-level accuracy, XVision analyzes common medical X-ray images with the help of Azure Machine Learning and Azure Functions.

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Group photo of team Wavy



Our team is working on an underwater localizer for scuba divers, to track information from underwater adventures. Using big-data systems to analyze information, we can create diving logs, improve tourism, and research diving pressure on our body. Using a buoy, data is sent to the diver’s supervisor.

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Group photo of team Zelixa


United States

Zelixa is a Hololens app and online learning platform to help children with dyslexia improve their reading skills. Aiming to tackle challenges facing dyslexia therapy today, Zelixa is the first app to combine mixed reality, gamification, and cutting edge scientific research tool that is immediately transferable, improvement-focused, and fun.

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