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Ekrem Nurovic
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amer zavlan
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Project Overview

Knowlead is social network learning platform where students are able to acquire and share knowledge. Approach is through peer-to-peer live communication where everyone is a student and teacher. The whole concept is based on exchange of minutes, no money required as long as value is provided for other users. Every registered user get amount of 100 minutes. Those minutes can be used in order to get help from other students in the fields that help is needed. Currently there is two ways to acquire minutes, either to help someone in the field that you are good at or through the referral system. Users measure accuracy and knowledge shared on platform by living comments and stars for quality provided. Platform is self-sustainable in many aspects and does not require higher costs for additional user. We personalised education where users that want knowledge have the power to decide when they want it, with whom, and on which way. Giving that power for free and putting students in the center can definitely change the way that we used to study. More accessible knowledge where everyone teach and study changed the approach of learning that has been used for the sentries. We deeply believes that radical changes have to happen in education field and we are eager to offer it. We are using the latest technology .Net Core 2.0 for backend and Angular 4 for frontend. So far we have done: 1) We created survey where we examine are people willing to study on or way. We asked around 250 students from Balkan Peninsula, Turkey and Germany. And in direct question are they willing to exchange their knowledge the result were as following: 80% agreed, 16% neutral, 4% disagree. 2) We build in WordPress website which explain our concept and asked people for their emails if they are interested to use it. The result that we got was in one week we had 3 846 emails. 3) On Burch startup competition on 10. March 2016 we won first prize among 80 projects. 4) We build around 15 version of mock-ups. For every version we had around 10 students as users of our mock-ups and base on their feedback we improved. 5) We have launched open beta version on 20th February 2017 our minimum valuable product. 6) Without any payed promotion we have thousands of registered users. 7) "Webit Festival Europe" chosen Knowlead in best 100 from 2425 startups that applied. 8) Won "Regional Imagine Cup in Zagreb. 9) Launched second version of Knowlead platform Long term goal in the next year: Develop Interactive and video part. Improve code and minimize bags. Have between 10 000 – 50 000 daily users. Start earning money on all three revenue models that we have. Be present in three continents (Europe, South America, Asia)

About Team

Team consist of three members Ekrem Nurovic, Haris Botic and Amer Zavlan. Ekrem Nurovic currently master student of Management at International Burch University and student teaching assistant on subject "Digital Marketing". Graduated management in 2016. Poses an international experience. During his study he has enrolled to many extracurricular activities, such as organisation of events, volunteering, working in different companies and he published two research papers as undergraduate student. With Knowlead team he won first place at “Burch Startup competition”. Ekrem is passionate about learning, constant improvement and wants to contribute to the world. His favourite quote is “If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.” Haris Botić born in Germany but spent majority of time in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During High School days he was attending many project competitions but also in programming algorithm competitions both on country and world level. His higest achievement from algorithm competitions was 3. place on Mart 2014. And for project competitions he got first place twice in a row on local competitions and a silver medal on Infomatrix comptetion. His early passion for programming and hard work allowed him to get his first job in a company Hub387 while he was in forth grade of High School. For last three years he is manly focused on Microsoft technologies which is why today he is building a startup as backend developer using .Net core and also trying to contribute to community in his spare time. Amer Zavlan's motto was always "Never stop learning". He got familiar with programming as early as 7th grade in primary school (12 years old). Right after that he competed in programming competitions and got Bronze Medal in Junior Balkan Olympiad in Informatics in 2009. He competed in many competitions after that as well such as Infomatrix in Romania, Balkan Olympiad in Informatics in Bulgaria and Bosnia, International Olympiad in Informatics in Australia, E-Biko in Turkey. He got interested in electronics too, he built some line follower robots and sumo robots, and went to Vienna Robot Challenge to compete there. His first professional work experience starts at first year of university as Backend Developer at Personal inc. (later to be known as TeamData). After 2 years of being backend developer, he transfered to being Android developer for half a year. Meanwhile he met a lot of different types of technologies from Microsoft, Google, Apache, etc, so he has experience as both frontend and backend web developer in web domain.

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