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Project Overview

Child mortality is still a factor that befalls in all the world, specially in developing countries. According to UNICEF, 16 million of young children less than 5 years old died in 2015 around the world. Among the main cause of child mortality, there are illness in which fever is an important symptom. In view of this, a low-cost solution based on technology is proposed, which consists in the use of a microcontroller and sensors into a baby pacifier. This technology allows oral measurement of body temperature, sending this data to mobile devices through a wireless connection. An installed application alerts alerts when temperature is above or under a normal range, detecting the anomaly in its initial stage. In addition, the mobile app provides temperature history, related news and an friendly visualization of data received. Also, the Internet of Things concept can be used: information collected by the pacifier can be stored in a database, being used by public administration and health professionals as a tool for decision making. A concept proof was built, being able to acquire the body temperature with an adequate precision, similar to those obtained in common digital thermometers.

About Team

The team is formed by three students of electrical engineering at Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia da Paraíba. Moreover, they have in common a big passion to help others, whether within the academy or in the community. With different knowledge backgrounds in focus, they believe that putting their skills together will forming a strong and competitive team. Júlio, 19 years old, is a electronic technician, being a outstanding student in your class for your participation in educational events and robotics competition. For instance, he achieved the Runner-Up position at the RoboCup Festo Logistics on the Competição Latino-Americana e Brasileira de Robótica (LARC/CBR), as he was the champion of the Viagem ao Centro da Terra category at Torneio Internacional de Robôs (ITR). Beyond that, Júlio also compete at programming contests, being awarded with the bronze and silver medals at Olimpíada Paraibana de Robótica. To demonstrate his strong skills as technician, it can be said that Julio was classified to the Brazilian Finals of World Skills competition. In addition, he has academic skills that must be emphasized: he has been a research fellow in the Industrial Computerized Scanner for Measuring Moving Products Area in Belt Conveyor, and has developed a robotic arm that uses digital image processing techniques to mimic the movements of an arm through a video camera. Beyond taht, he participates in the Grupo de Robótica Educacional Livre (GREL), which he performs activities focused on robotics, participates as a volunteer in the IEEE Student Branch at IFPB, organizing events that encourage curiosity and the diffusion of knowledge, such as Arduino Day 2017. Rychard, 23 years old, although has finished his course in electronics, only discovered his passion for the area at the end of the course, when he began to do research in the area of ​​residential automation, having his project classified for the Feira Brasileira de Ciência e Tecnologia (FEBRACE). Upon, the following year, joining the electrical engineering major, he met the IEEE Student Branch at the IFPB, an organization that made him deeply engaged, quickly gaining the post of Secretary and later as President. While a volunteer of the Student Branch, he participated in several projects, such as the organization of the IEEE Student Group's National Meeting, the IEEE Latin American Meeting of GOLD Members and the Experiences, Cultures and Exchanges, an event to spread global citizenship, encouraging Cultural, academic and professional exchange. His good academic’s results and engagement in extra-class activities made him eligible for a one-year sandwich scholarship at the University of New South Wales, Australia. During this time he discovered another passion: computing. Upon returning to Brazil, he began to complete his academic disciplines in the area of ​​computing, in addition to his original course, electrical engineering. Before this, he participated in programming competitions, being awarded with the bronze and silver medals in the Olimpíada Paraibana de Informática and be classified to the final phase of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM / ICPC). With all this results, was called to be a programming teacher for high school students and fundamental in a project of the Federal University of Campina Grande, in partnership with Google. Adjamilton, 35 years old, has been awarded twice with the silver medals at Olimpíada Paraiba de Informática in 2015 and 2016. He was a finalist in the first edition of Globo's Hackathon, where he and his team developed an application, called MinhaGlobo, in the style of the Globo Play app, that is a platform launched by the TV company a few months after the competition. He was an exchange student for the Science without Borders program, which was allocated in the United States for 18 months. He was the mentor of the winning project of the category of Renewable Energies in the second edition of the Electrical Engineering Fair of the Federal University of Paraíba. At the Federal Institute of Paraíba, he develops research in the areas of Digital Image Processing and Systems Development. Together with Rychard, Adjamilton worked on a project funded by the Ministry of Culture, which aimed to develop on-demand video transmission software for digital television using the television broadcasting range. In addition, after completing the project, they were selected for internship at the State of Paraíba Court of Accounts, an organization in which Adjamilton is a web developer, while Rychard works with big date and date visualization.

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