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Daniel Huynh
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Léon Léon

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Vue d’ensemble du projet

Our ambition is to make theater accessible for everyone, be it deaf or hearing-impaired people, foreigners, and even locals who wish to have subtitles, with a simple software available on smartglasses, smartphone or tablet which will display the subtitles in the language chosen by the user, because in Thetrall, we believe theater is for all !

À propos de l’équipe

Our team consists of second year students from the Engineering cycle of Ecole polytechnique. We have three participants for the Microsoft Imagine Cup, Daniel Huynh, Alexandre Poirrier, and Léon Zheng, and we represent a larger group which includes Christopher Aykroyd, Alexandre Binninger, Pierre-Louis Nordmann, and Gabriel Oliveira Martins. We are all passionate about Artificial Intelligence, and we thrive to use it to improve society and empower people. We have a generalist formation in mathematics, applied mathematics, economics, physics, computer science, biology, and we hope to use this knowledge to take up the challenges of tomorrow, with the help of the Microsoft Azure tools.

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