2016 World Finalists

2016 Innovation Competition World Finals 2016 World Citizenship Competition World Finals 2016 Games Competition World Finals

2016 Innovation Competition World Finals

Bit Masters's team photo 2016 Innovation Second Place Winner
Bit Masters

Sri Lanka

We are competing in the Innovation category with an award winning product "Amplus" which would definitely revolutionize the digital advertising industry.

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Healthx's team photo 2016 Innovation Third Place Winner

United States

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2016 World Citizenship Competition World Finals

AMANDA's team photo 2016 World Citizenship First Place Winner


AMANDA presents a novel ICT-based approach for bullying detection and intervention in children’s everyday life, by introducing new ways of behavior self-managing tools, set within a collaborative care context with psychology professionals. Specifically, the main aim of AMANDA is to create an ICT-based, gamified behavioral analysis approach for capturing bullying tendencies and to apply ICT-based interventions countering identified risks based on bullying detection, relating to low empathy, self-confidence and awareness.

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Night's Watch Tunisia's team photo 2016 World Citizenship Second Place Winner
Night's Watch Tunisia


Our project is inspired by our colleagues who suffers from amputations during their growth , and we have seen the struggle they have to put up with to get through evrey normal thing we take for grantted . The cost , the unaccibility of these prosthetis are beyond unreachble and believe that for something that is vital for evrey human being . it is highly unconsidered , we there fore created a prosthetis that not only does not require any surgical intervention , it is easy and simple to use . The hand connected to a myo armband will detect the muscle movement of the user and will move the hand according the needs of the user

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InSimu's team photo 2016 World Citizenship Third Place Winner


InSimu will give medical doctors and students the opportunity to practice their future clinical work in the safety of virtual reality on simulated patients with the full scale of diagnostic methods. Mimicking all possible aspects of real-life diagnostics, InSimu will change the way of thinking and way of learning of young medical professionals in a “medutainment” approach. The utmost goal of InSimu is to improve the safe, efficient and correct medical diagnosis of the patients across the world.

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BoneyCare's team photo 2016 World Citizenship Ability Award Winner


BoneyCare is the 1st cloud powered stammer(stutter) adjunctive diagnosis and treatment app, aiming at helping people who have stammering problems improve their confidence and speaking quality. Currently, BoneyCare is powered by Azure and cloud-based language recognition, wave analysis, and emotion recognition technology. BoneyCare saves, analyzes and studies voices patterns as well as user’s emotion and profile data on Azure to provide help and customized suggestions for people with stammering problems. BoneyCare also offers a platform “BoneyCare+’’ for people who have stuttering problems to communicate with each other.

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2016 Games Competition World Finals

None Developers's team photo 2016 Games Second Place Winner
None Developers


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