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Founded in 2003, Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is the company’s premier student technology and innovation competition. Every year, Imagine Cup is run in Pakistan in partnership with Higher Education Commission. It provides an opportunity for student technologists, developers and aspiring entrepreneurs from all academic backgrounds to collaborate, develop a technology application, and bring their passion to life while gaining a perspective of what is needed to bring a concept to market. In Imagine Cup, the brightest young minds join together to exemplify the power of student innovation. The winning teams in the multiple rounds of the competition can go home with a variety of great prizes, and get a mentoring session with our CEO, Satya Nadella. Complete prizing information and more details around the competition can be seen in the Contest Rules.

How Does Imagine Cup Work in Pakistan?

Students compete in teams of up to four people to develop an original technology project from start to finish—create an idea, make a plan, build the solution, and compete.

For the first round, each registered team needs to complete a Microsoft Learn challenge, to be eligible for Round 2: the Pakistan competition. Please read the Contest Rules to understand what needs to be done to qualify in the first round!

Qualified teams for round two will be taken through virtual Regional and National Final events, organized by Higher Education Commission & Microsoft in Pakistan. Thousands of entries are judged, and the top teams in each region (North, Center, South and Baluchistan) are selected to advance to the Regional Finals held virtually, for Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta City, respectively. The top  teams from each Regional Final will be invited to the virtual Imagine Cup National Competition for Pakistan, where two teams this year will be chosen as the National Champions for Pakistan, who will advance to the World Finals. 

What do you need to know?

  • Global competition, all students 16 or older are encouraged to register for the competition.
  • Students first compete in Microsoft Learn challenge, and then go on to the Regional and National finals, which will be held virtually this year.
  • Each round of the competition has different prizes, which can be seen in the contest rules document
  • Students are free to imagine any solutions that fall under one of the following 4 categories: 
    • Earth: solutions for climate change, agriculture, and in green tech
    • Education: innovate to change the way students across the globe learn
    • Healthcare: tackle issues in treatment, diagnosis, accessibility, and more
    • Lifestyle: projects that shape how we game, play, and live
    • You may only select one of the category types to assign your entry to.

World Championship Prizing

  • At World Championship (Round 4), one winning team will be selected
  • $75,000 USD, to be divided equally among each officially registered member of the team
  • Microsoft Azure Grant for the project will be allocated
  • Mentorship call with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela

Pakistan Regional Winner Prizing

  • At Pakistan Regional Finals will be conducted at North, Center, South & Balochistan Regions and up to three teams will be selected from each region.
  • PKR 50,000, to be divided equally among each officially registered members of the winner team.
  • PKR 30,000 & PKR 20,000, each for the 1st and 2nd runner up teams, to be divided equally among each officially registered members of the team.

Pakistan Winner Prizing

  • At Pakistan Finals, two teams will be selected who will compete at World Finals.
  • PKR 100,000, to be divided equally among each officially registered members of the team.
  • PKR 50,000 & PKR 25,000, each for the 1st and 2nd runner up teams, to be divided equally among each officially registered members of the team.

Team Participation

You’re encouraged to register and submit your application/solution that you and your team of up to four (4) students have built (either on your own time, through your coursework, as a participant in a student hackathon, your FYP etc.).

To compete in this year's competition, you'll need to complete the Microsoft Learn Challenge.

Get started by building your tech skills by completing a Microsoft Learn module in the category you’re most passionate about to advance in the competition. Each participating team member must create an account on Microsoft Learn and complete the module using that account. Each team member can complete one of any of the eight learning required modules using their Microsoft Learn account.


  • Track wild polar bears with AI
  • Classify endangered bird species with Custom Vision


  • Learn about rocks and how to classify them
  • Intro to Python for space exploration


  • Track global air quality with Azure Maps
  • Create an intelligent chat bot


  • Publish an Angular, React, Svelte, or Vue JavaScript App with Azure Static Web Apps
  • Explore and analyze data with Python

For the Microsoft Learn Challenge you will be required to submit the following material

Unique Microsoft Learn Profile URL(s): to validate that each team member has completed the required Microsoft Learn module(s) – up to four may be submitted (one per team member).

Round 1 Advancement: Teams that submit at least one valid and unique Microsoft Learn Profile URL that shows that one of the required Microsoft Learn modules has been completed will be promoted to the Online Semifinals within one week of their submission.

Deadline is to submit your entry before 23:59:59 GMT+0 on Sunday, 31 January 2021 for your chance to participate in the worldwide finals

For more details, see the Contest Rules.

Eligibility & Judging Criteria

Download the contest rules here


Please take note of the important dates for 2021 Imagine Cup Pakistan:

  • Registrations are open till 31st January 2021
  • World Championship: (Date: To be announced)
  • Regional and National Final dates will be announced closer to the deadline



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