2019 Imagine Cup: EMEA Regional Final

2019 Imagine Cup: EMEA Regional Final banner image

EMEA 1st Place $15,000
EMEA 2nd Place $5,000
EMEA 3rd Place $1,000

EMEA Regional Finalists

One idea starts the journey. The twelve finalists from the Imagine Cup EMEA Regional Semifinals brought their most original technology solutions forward and are now one step closer to winning the grand prize of USD100,000. Get to know the teams who will be pitching their ground-breaking projects in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 19 March:

Group photo of AirCloud Team

AirCloud Team


AirCloud: AirCloud is a service that integrates Windows (or other remote operating systems), their applications, and file system into any smartphone, tablet, or laptop using Azure VM and nested virtualization. AirCloud is a fast, hybrid remote control protocol.

Group photo of BeeProtect



BeeProtect: Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. BeeProtect is a three-step medical solution to assist in self-detection of breast cancer risks within seconds. The steps include heat analysis, physical analysis, and pain metrics.

Group photo of snap&track



snap&track: This food tracking application automatically detects food and weight calculation through photography.

Group photo of Team iCropal

Team iCropal


iCropal (AI and Augmented Reality): iCropal helps farmers explore, identify, and recognize diseases they are facing on their farms and fields through an augmented reality platform.

Group photo of Amnix



Surgical Navigation: Surgical Navigation is a real-time organ visualization and deformation for surgeons during a liver cancer removal surgery.


Pakistan Team TBD

Group photo of Inquisit



NERVE (Neurological Environment for Recognition and Verification of Epilepsy): NERVE is a biomedical system for monitoring epilepsy and assessing the effectiveness of medical treatment of children suffering from epilepsy.

Group photo of The Odd Pack

The Odd Pack


AgriBot - Smarter Technology, Smarter Agriculture: AgriBot is a predictive analytics app which forecasts the price of vegetables harvested in a season. This helps farmers make better decisions on what to grow, to increase their revenue, and reduce the gap between production and demand in vegetables.

Group photo of π-project



π-project: We propose a low-cost and non-invasive solution for everyday health monitoring using artificial intelligence to analyze the urine transmission spectra.

Athena-IO's logo



Athena-IO: To help industrial and corporate companies better train their workforce, we created a mixed reality content creation platform.

Screenshot of Finderr in action


United Kingdom

Finderr: We all know the trouble a lost key can cause. That's why we created Finderr, a solution to find objects through an iPhone that is accessible to everyone.

MQuill's logo


United Kingdom

MQuill: MQuill is a lecture capture app that enables students to make live transcripts of their lectures. They can then use Adi, our smart chatbot, to ask questions about their lectures, request summaries, and so on.

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Regional Finals Prizes

The twelve EMEA Regional Finalist teams will travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands and compete for the following prizes:

  • First place: USD15,000 and a spot in the World Championship
  • Second place: USD5,000
  • Third place: USD1,000

World Championship Prizing

First place teams from the Regional Finals will advance to the World Championship and compete for the grand prize of USD100,000 + Azure Grant.

Important Dates

15 February
Regional Finalists selected

19 March
Regional Finals in Amsterdam, Netherlands

World Championship, location TBD

Watch the 2018 World Championship

Get inspiration from the 2018 competition and see what the Asia Regional Finals winner will experience as they compete for the 2019 Imagine Cup.


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