2015 Award and Challenge Winners

Break Into Code

In the Break Into Code Challenge, we showed students ages 9 to 18 how easy it can be to learn to code. Participants started with a tutorial walking them through a simple brick-breaker game in TouchDevelop, and then got to put their own unique spin on the final game. Best of all? All the winning games are playable, right now, in your browser!

Break Into Code Winners ages 9-13

First Place: Rainbow Breaker


United Kingdom

In Rainbow Breaker Connie imported her own beautiful artwork, sounds and music. She also implemented power-ups, multiple levels and included final boss to make the game more challenging.

Play Rainbow Breaker!

Second Place: Super-Cool Brick Breaker



Abhimanyu’s game Super-Cool Brick Breaker implemented rotating backgrounds, game timer, multiple levels with different themes, as well as ghosts that give and take away lives. The game even asks you to input your name for a more personalized experience.

Play Super-Cool Brick Breaker!

Third Place: UFO Breaker



In UFO breaker Esteban coded a red ball that must be avoided as well as bonus points for hitting the stars. The UFO and spaceship sprites wrapped up the theme nicely.

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Break Into Code Winners ages 14-18

First Place: Crushers



With Crushers, Faturahman has literally turned the concept of brick breaker on its side! In this customized version of the game the player assists by bouncing a blood cell to kill bacteria “bricks” for an increased life score. Faturahman scored highly with his use of two paddles, power-ups, as well as moving and regenerating “bricks”.

Play Crushers!

Second Place: Endless bricks



Endless Bricks is has many innovations and updated elements from the original gameplay. The most impressive is the use of the built in accelerometer in the player’s mobile phone to control the game. Henrique has made an “endless” game where bricks continue to generate for extended gameplay. Other gameplay changes include the ball leaving a trail, changing colors, and multiple power-ups including one where the player physically shakes the device.

Play Endless Bricks!

Third Place: Dragon Smash


United Kingdom

Jonathan has made some exceptional changes to his game Dragon Smash. Along with the samurai themed graphics and sounds, he has added multiple power-ups, multiple levels, moving “bricks” and a final boss to increase the challenge for the player.

Play Dragon Smash!

Code Hunt

In the Code Hunt Challenge, you're shown a snippet of code, and you have to rewrite it to produce the desired output in as few lines of code as possible. The puzzles start easy but quickly escalate in difficulty. Can you solve them all? Below are all the Code Hunt winners:


Alin-Silviu B.


Dawid B.


Vincent H.
United States


Alexander E.


Adam Z.


Henning D.


Tobias K.


Richard G.

Pitch Video Challenge

We asked students to dream up their next great Imagine Cup project and pitch it to us in a short video. To see the complete list of winners and honorable mentions, click here!


Team Rapid Response


In the World Citizenship category, our winner is Team Rapid Response from Ireland. Their project, Rapid Response, will help first responders and paramedics at the scene of an accident or emergency.

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Team Hōkū

United States

In the Games category, our winner is Team Hōkū from the United States. Their project, reForge, is a clever synthesis of the sci-fi Roguelike hit FTL with the base construction and customization of Minecraft.

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Team LifeScreen

Czech Republic

In the Innovation category, our winner is Team LifeScreen from the Czech Republic. Their project, LifeScreen, is our favorite kind of Innovation idea: it seems so simple, but has really exciting implications.

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Project Blueprint Challenge

Each team took a long, hard look at their Imagine Cup project and produced a document that really spelled out what they were making: their concept, target audience, early feedback they've received, competitors, user personas, top user stories, business model, and core technologies.

Here are the winners for each category. To see the complete list of winners and honorable mentions, click here!


Team Eye3


In the World Citizenship category, Team Eye3 from Canada takes the prize for their project Ciris! Ciris is a real-time color augmentation overlay that allows the colorblind to more clearly see contrasts on their desktop computers and mobile devices.

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Team Scrolling

United States

In the Games category, our winner is Team Scrolling from the United States, for their puzzle-platformer Scrolling! The game centers on a clever size-changing mechanic that allows the player to manipulate the environment to solve challenges.

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Team Dogma


In the Innovation category, the winner is Team Dogma from Germany, for their project CoZyPut! CoZyPut allows physically disabled gamers to control games with eye, tongue or single-hand gestures, with the fidelity and responsiveness necessary for fast-paced gaming.

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User Experience Challenge

In this contest we asked students around the world to dig deep into their project’s user experience: the flow a user encounters with the software, the information architecture of how menus and screens are connected, wireframe examples of a couple of major screens, and finally a visual target showing one example of how the finished software would look.

Below are the winners of each category. Click here to see the full list of winners and honorable mentions!


Team Endeavour


LifePlus is a self-evolving social networking website that provides healthcare access to every citizen in the world. We are very proud to award them first prize of $3,000 in the World Citizenship category.

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Rocket Wrench Studios


Hero Tourney is a 3d action game set in a tournament style where "Heroes" battle for glory! We are thrilled to award them the first prize of $3,000 in the Games category.

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Team IF Quest


QFIT is a fitness application that works with the Microsoft Band and adds quests and gamification to further encourage a user to get fit and stay active. We are thrilled to recognize award them the first prize of $3,000 in the Innovation category

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