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Global Competition

Play to Win

Play to win. Today, great games come from anywhere and people play them everywhere. On their phones, on their computers, on their tablets, in their browser, with their friends, with anyone, with everyone. Powerful game engines and libraries are available for free so students can get started right away. There’s really never been a better time to make the next great game.

We’ve seen amazing games come out of nowhere in the last few years. Many of them have been made by students around the world. Have you got an idea? Then get a team, make a plan, and make it happen!

The Imagine Cup Games Competition is a global contest for the best new student games and the winning team will take home $50,000 (US). Create a desktop or tablet game using Windows, or a mobile game using Windows Phone, or a browser game using Windows Azure and you could win big at the Imagine Cup World Finals in Seattle 2016.

Game on!

What's Imagine Cup?

For the past 14 years the Imagine Cup has established itself as the world's premier student technology competition. Since 2003 we have invited all eligible students to use their imagination and passion to create technology solutions in our competitions and challenges. You can find out more about Imagine cup here, or take a look at this year's competitions!

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Here's how to sign up, pick a competition, and get started on your project!

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Click the 'Sign In' link in the upper right corner to log in with your Microsoft account! Don't have a Microsoft account? They're free and give you access to great services like Outlook Email, XBox Live, and more!

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Head over to the Competition Categories page to find a competition that's right for your skill and interest level. You can get your feet wet with the Big Idea Pitch challenge, or dive right into the Games, Innovation or World Citizenship competitions. Click on any of the categories to read more about it, and click 'Register Now' to sign up!

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From your Imagine Cup dashboard, you can fill out your member profile and tell us about yourself. The Dashboard is also where you'll find the competitions you've signed up for. As we add new competitions to the categories you're registered for, we'll automatically let you know about them, so you can decide if you'd like to participate! Follow the 'Dashboard' link in the upper right corner to get started.

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Ready to submit your project to the judges? Click the 'Submit' link next to the competition on your Dashboard to get underway! Every competition's requirements are different, so check the Official Rules to find out what you'll need to submit.

Create a Team

Many of our competitions are intended for teams, so you may also need to create a team to participate. If a competition requires a team, you'll be able to pick your team right on the Submission page. If you don't have a team yet, you can create one in just a few moments -- you just need a team name and team country, and you're ready to go.

Send It Off

Once you've filled out all the fields on the Submission page, and uploaded any required files, click Submit to send your project to the Imagine Cup judging team. Competitions close at different times during the year; check the Official Rules to find out when yours ends. We announce winners via email and on the Imagine Cup site, so if you win, you'll be notified of your victory.

You're Ready To Compete!

You're all signed up and ready to participate in Imagine Cup 2016! Good luck, and have fun!

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