2020 World Champions

2020 World Championship

2020 World Championship

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Hong Kong SAR

Hollo envisions a future of tech-based, accessible, and comprehensive personal health management tools. As a Smart AI Powered Preventative platform, Hollo, aims at improving the mental health of individuals by integrating Machine Learning with suggestive diagnosis, therapy, and continual monitoring, facilitating self-help and professional therapeutic services. By reducing the need for additional technology (wearables), we make this new tracking technology accessible for less privileged communities in the world. We hold two value propositions close to our heart. We equip those finding stress points or symtoms of mental illness in their lives with a quantitative solution to help track their mental health through different metrics like sleep quality, heart rate, stress and social media sentiment. We aim to continue to improve our research in collaboration with research departments from universities around the world. As a platform, Hollo also equips therapists (and their NGOs), who don’t have consistent, quality patient feedback to aid retentive treatment, with a back-end webapp equipped with empirical and actionable findings on their patients; using the data analysis to enhance time efficiency, and construct predictive models. Streamlining admin services and improving the screening processes for institutions to reach out to at-risk individuals.

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Syrinx (Formerly Name: NUTONE)


'Syrinx' is a medical device that restores the ability to speak for those who had lost their voice box for medical reasons, such as laryngeal cancer. Around the globe, over 300 thousand people lose the ability to speak each year. One of the common methods used to solve this problem is by using a hand-held medical device called 'electrolarynx'. The device consists of a single vibrator that is pressed against the throat and produces vibrations to allow speech. However, 'electrolarynx' can only produce a monotonic robot-like voice, and have the problem of occupying one hand while using. This causes social issues, such as difficulty in communication while in noisy environments or the robotic voice stands out in the public when it is heard. To solve this problem, first, we tried producing more complicated vibration waves calculated from actual human speech, such as LPC residual waves. With this method, we succeeded in producing a human-like hoarse voice, but the volume of the voice was very small that bulky audio amp was needed to make it audible. To produce quality voice efficiently, we turned to the voice production of talking birds, in our case hill mynahs. According to Japanese researchers, hill mynahs have two voice boxes and they mimic human voice by mixing the sound produced by each voice box. Syrinx was inspired by this unique characteristic of hill mynahs double voice box and utilizes two vibrators to produce quality human voice by mixing the sound produced by each vibrator. To produce user-like voice on NUTONE, 30 or more one-sentence sized voice sample taken before the voice box removal surgery is needed. Then machine learning (GMM) based voice conversion library was run on Azure Virtual Machine to produce the exact vibration pattern to produce user-like voice.

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Tremor Vision

United States

Tremor Vision is a web-based tool using Azure custom vision that enables physicians to detect early onset Parkinson’s and quantitatively track patient progress throughout a prescribed treatment plan.

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