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Project Overview

One of the greatest threats facing the planet and mankind is the accumulation of man-made waste. Therefore we created EcoSort. EcoSort is a smart waste-disposal container. It has a single entry point for waste and scans the waste as it is tossed in. Based on the kind of waste, the EcoSort will drop it into one of three inner-containers, corresponding to trash, recycling, and composting. This saves the user the trouble of trying (or not trying) to figure out which bin to use for which waste item, and ensures that all recyclables end up in the recycle bin and all compost ends up in the compost bin. No item of waste will end up in an incorrect bin. EcoSort will also periodically transmit data about the waste it receives, (e.g. how many items are in each bin), to a central application, which will store and analyze the data for many potential uses (e.g.. when to empty each container).

About Team

We are a team of two and we are excited to work together towards a solution that will change the way the world dispose of waste. The team is Benjamin Segal and me. Benjamin is a junior at Brandeis University. He is double majoring in computer science and neuroscience. My name is Geva and I'm a sophomore at Clark University where I double major in computer science and mathematics with a minor in entrepreneurship.

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