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Project Overview

This study aimed to detect corneal arcus. the detection of corneal arcus by image analysis has important significance for the disintegration of abnormal lipid metabolism. Corneal arcus is a lipid-rich deposit at the corneoscleral limbus that shares some similarities with the lipid deposition of atherosclerosis. Other studies examined the link between corneal arcus and Cardio-Vascular Diseases (CVDs). Our methodology consisted of obtaining images of subjects who show the symptom of corneal arcus and other who do not show the symptom to be able to establish a statistical link between people having corneal arcus within ages of 13-50 and the abnormal lipid metabolism. Using the obtained statistical data, a pre-existing algorithm, Corneal Arcus Segmentation Method, for the detection of corneal arcus by image analysis was used. The algorithm locates the candidate area by detecting the positions of eyelids and eyelashes. Secondly, based on the definition of similarity and the projection of color components, a second algorithm, “Union-Find” algorithm, is used to accomplish the clustering of the target, the corneal arcus. Finally, the color metrics are defined to complete the segmentation of the corneal arcus. The whole process of imaging, analysis of data, and release of final results will be available to patients using a mobile application. The results will appear to users as percentages of how severe their lipids levels are. The message will inform the user of the presence of corneal arcus or lack of. In addition, in the case of corneal arcus being present, the percentage of the size of corneal arcus to size of the iris is paired with average cholesterol levels statistically associated with detected percentage, and a message informing the user of the estimated lipid levels in blood will appear paired with ranges showing high, low, and normal levels of lipids.

About Team

Corneagnosis believes that individual commitment to a group effort-that is what makes a team work. We are two eleventh grade students from Jubilee School in Jordan. We were classmates for about 3 years but this year through our work together, our bond strengthened causing us to grow a stronger friendship. We learned the specialty of each individual of the team as each one excels at certain fields. Based on our specialties, we divided the main parts of work to get the best out-come. Saba, the mom of the team that takes care of our timeline management, loves keeping things organize. She’s our researcher and the business manager. Saleh, the most perfectionist hard worker that can get the work done professionally as soon as possible. He’s the programmer and the graphic designer. Dr. Saif Smadi, our adviser he gave us the vision to fund such a risky and ambitious new open source project, as well as we had a valuable discussions and cooperation. Never forgetting our mentor Mr. Hazem Hamdan and his follow-up supervision of the programming application and the motivational support.

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