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Project Overview

So, what are we trying to solve? Surgeons have a very limited field of view during surgeries. Especially in liver cancer removal surgeries because the standard approach here is laparoscopy. In combination with the poor FOV, the pre-op medical scans are not comparable to the living, breathing and bleeding patient on the table. Removing a tumor from the liver means cutting a part of the organ off. If they remove too much, the liver will not recover. As it stands a surgeon has no surefire way to validate if his cuts are correct. We are trying to provide that validation and security with our product.

About Team

We are three third-year students and their supervisor who set out on a quest to create something innovative. We study at the Breda University of Applied Science (BUAS) formerly known as NHTV. there we follow the International Game Architecture and Design (IGAD) course. IGAD is known as the Harvard among game development courses, we have a low acceptance rate and we are very well connected to the industry. IGAD’s method of teaching is unique to the country it is in. The third year of the IGAD course revolves around owning up to being a professional. The entire year is spent working on one huge project in big teams. These teams can grow up to around 60 people. We instead chose to do something else, we wanted to create something highly complex and innovative in a small team of people with the right specializations. The university showed confidence in our abilities and this is how team Amnix was born.

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