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Project Overview

Third eye is your third eye to fire safety. Third eye is an mobile app and iOT product solution for fire hazards California Wild Fires caused an estimated 90 million in loss. Many people lost their homes. We aimed to make a solution to prevent such trajic events from happening.There are so many avenues for fire hazards like kitchen fires from unattended cooking, overloaded Electrical systems , Combustible storage etc. In 2014 alone there was 1.2 million fires ~3000 death and ~12 billion in losses. We can do more to reduce human errors like this. What we need is a solution that interacts with each other and reduces the amount of human error. Something that uses temperature and smoke to detect the potential fire, and warns the user so he can prevent it himself or let the device prevent it. Third eye has many applications to cooking equipment manufacturing, home owners, forest departments, and government entities. Cooking Equipment manufacturers can make safer products with integrating third eye Home owners can protect their house from fire damage. Instead of having to wait for the sprinklers to go off home owners can stop the fire themselves once it goes over the range or alert the fire department before it becomes a problem. Forest department can find the location of the alerts being sent to provide better mapping for large-scale fires. Government entities can ensure more public safety by integrating third eye into areas of fire hazard reducing human errors. Our first implementation of Third eye is an mobile app and iOT product solution for sensing fire hazards and alerting customers. You install the arduino temperature and smoke sensing unit in your homes. You can use the mobile app to specify your alert threshold which is saved with unit ID on the server .take it easy as the unit detects temperature increase beyond the threshold and sends alerts to the specified phone numbers alerting the house hold or property manager to the potential problem. We used Arduino for integrating with the temperature sensor and the wifi-module, an ESP8266 Wifi Module, Temperature Sensors for detecting heat differences, Python for automated messages to twilio, and Swift for users to set up their temperature alert preferences for the product. Third eye 2.0 will be to integrate sprinklers and fire depressors so we realize the vision of automated communicating systems without humans. Future of third eye is limitless as we install the unit in forested areas and allow drone with video integration to react to fire alert bringing the problem ,detection, resolution time to split seconds.Lets remove need for a phone call to the fire station and the long drives of fire trucks make through traffic by installing third eye as part of our streetlights and electrical/heating equipment. Third eye is your third eye to fire safety. Lets make fire safety smarter with a third smart and highly responsive IOT eye.

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Zachary Abraham(Team Lead) - 11th grade,Aragon High school,San Mateo Zion Abraham - Aragon High school,San Mateo

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