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Project Overview

Disco is a drug discovery platform that encourages university-age students to identify potential treatments for incurable diseases. By democratizing rapid and inexpensive drug discovery tools for university-age students, Disco aims to drastically lower the cost of drug discovery for incurable diseases, and provide an open-access education tool for university-age students around the world. Disco searches through three separate datasets in a graph database to identify treatment options via graph traversals. Disco also incorporates a 3-qubit quantum computing instance to identify potential treatments, as a proof of concept that quantum computing can be applied and ultimately accelerate the speed of computer-based drug discovery.

About Team

Hi! I'm Laurence, a mechanical engineering student at McGill University. Growing up as a self-taught programmer at the age of 14, I really enjoy using software to solve a wide array of challenges, especially those related to biology and robotics.

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