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Project Overview

Vinculum leverages image processing and computer vision technology to determine if separated family members might be in another location. Our application essentially determines a similarity score between a submitted image and the photos in our database. In particular, the application utilizes Microsoft’s Cognitive Vision APIs and Azure ML models to determine a similarity score between two photos. The user will then be shown the top matches. The application is also hosted via Microsoft Azure. The application is accessible from three platforms and aims to be simple enough for anyone to use.

About Team

Team Vinculum was formed as a result of VHacks, the first hackathon to take place in Vatican City in March 2018. Although our team was randomly formed and each member comes from a very unique background, we quickly bonded over our drive to develop technology for humanitarian purposes. In line with the hackathon theme and our collective desire to develop a technology that helps refugees during the migration process, our team decided to create an application that helps reunite separated refugee families.

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