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Project Overview

Our project is inspired by our colleagues who suffers from amputations during their growth , and we have seen the struggle they have to put up with to get through evrey normal thing we take for grantted . The cost , the unaccibility of these prosthetis are beyond unreachble and believe that for something that is vital for evrey human being . it is highly unconsidered , we there fore created a prosthetis that not only does not require any surgical intervention , it is easy and simple to use . The hand connected to a myo armband will detect the muscle movement of the user and will move the hand according the needs of the user

About Team

we are 4 egineering students , we are thrieven by technology and also passion . we question evreything and we believe that is the path to make this world a better place . To say that question is the start to a great idea , and a great idea is only great when you build it . we are confident that we have a personal vocation to have a positive impact on our society

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