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Project Overview

Green Guru aims to raise awareness through accurate, dynamic information about air pollution rates powered by Microsoft Azure Maps and the World Air Quality Initiative API, and empower all individuals in a community to take action through inclusive design and incremental sustainable habit development via gamification. By addressing air pollution, Green Guru aims to decrease respiratory illnesses and thereby reducing the fatality rates of COVID 19 due to preexisting conditions. The app also provides visibility to Local and Global severity within a user’s area and promotes sustainable, gradual movement towards carbon-neutral emissions. Green Guru is designed through gamification to appeal to all audiences regardless of age (elementary kids, adults or seniors, or geographical location) and instill eco-friendly habits for all ages. Ultimately, by connecting dynamically updating information about air quality with actionable steps to address this issue on an achievable level, Green Guru aims to both inform the world about the issues of air pollution and its impact on COVID 19 and respiratory illnesses, while also empowering the user to take action and do their part, and make and sustain small lifestyle changes to have a major positive impact on the environment and community health and wellbeing over time.

About Team

I am a high school junior from Atlanta, Georgia, and scientist-software engineer at Georgia Tech and Emory University. I’m passionate about combining sciences, arts, and leadership to empower and improve the world through interdisciplinary innovation and tech for social good. I’m really excited to be part of the Imagine Cup and share my project Green Guru with the world to take it to the next level and truly achieve the goal of minimizing air pollution, respiratory illness, and COVID 19 fatalities. I’m the founder and Executive Director of IuvaTech, an organization that aims to engage, educate, and empower marginalized youth to solve community issues through STEAM/CS. I'm also the founder of the Atlanta Mask Project, which mobilized a team to donate over 1,700 masks for Atlanta hospitals and community centers. In the future, I aim to study biomedical engineering, computer science, and biology, with a goal of creating technology and scientific discoveries that make the world a more equitable, safe, and sustainable place.

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