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Project Overview

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way people should interact with one another. Social distancing and staying home have become the most crucial requirements limiting the spread of the current pandemic. As we are social creatures, living in self isolation, is not easy and it’s causing a lot of mental health problems, Some doctors believe that lockdowns and self isolation are more damaging to society than the actual virus itself. The International Labour Organization has found that the pandemic has made half of the young people aged 18 to 29 subject to depression and anxiety. In addition, a recent survey by health insurance company Pronova BKK, three quarters of the 154 psychiatrists and psychotherapists questioned said they were expecting an increase in mental illness over the next 12 months as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. The problem is that according to the world health organization 17% only of the countries worldwide integrated mental health support in their covid-19 response plan. So very few countries are considering the dangerousness of the problem. Our solution aims to reduce the loneliness effects caused by covid by embracing social interactions with either friends or communities sharing the same passion. Funtime is a game where we provide users exciting and engaging challenges with their friends directly from their homes so that they can have fun together while maintaining their safety. Our solution shows photos of poses one by one and each player has to strike and hold the right pose to earn the most points. Obviously, The person with the most points wins. That's not only it! We can use other resources like songs, dancing moves or even give the user the ability to upload his own materials. There is literally no limit for other creative extensions. Our solution aims to reduce the effects of loneliness caused by covid by laverging social interactions with friends or communities sharing the same passion.

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The team has a variety of skills ranging from product design / ai data science, to software engineering and business analysis.

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Artificial Neural Networks
Machine Learning
App Services (Mobile & Web

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