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Virtual Radiologist


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Project Overview

Pico Sat is a miniature version of an environmental satellite, which provides you information about your environment, be it a small room or open space. Pico Sat provides information about the altitude, temperature, humidity, pressure, dust and pollution level of present time as well as past data in graph charts and tables. The data from hardware is transferred using two transmission medium. The first one is by Using HTTP Protocol, where the device will upload data directly to Azure using Azure IOT Hub, the other one is by using radio waves for difficult terrains, deprived of internet facility in which device transfers data to a ground station using Radio waves and the ground station is connected to the internet. The data is analyzed using the Azure Stream Analysis and sent to different storage platforms like Azure Blob Storage and Azure Cosmos DB so that raw data can be saved and also in the meantime the data can also be used for the analytics purposes. The data from the Azure Stream Analytics is now used for detection of anomalies using Machine Learning-based anomaly detection and weather prediction module. Then the data is sent to the PowerBI storage and used for insights, report generation and data visualization. Also the data stored in the CosmosDB is fetched by the User Interface and displayed to the users which is hosed in Azure. Data is represented in charts and graphs for easy understanding by normal users. Our purpose is to reach people throughout different region and create an impact for betterment of Earth's climate with the help of technology, innovation and awareness.

About Team

We are a group of computer engineering students with diverse technical interests and common vision of creating an impact in the society. In our team everyone is different. We are interested in different fields and we have a different way of thinking and different perspectives. But, what we have in common is we are open to new experiences, new ideas and we respect each other’s perspectives. So, sharing the ideas with each other and learning from one another we can not only move forward with the project but also upgrade to a better version of ourselves. We have been working together for a long time in different types of projects. So, we have a better understanding of each other's capabilities. We are very much interested in technology and how it impacts the human society.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

Machine Learning
App Services (Mobile & Web
Internet of Things (IoT
Power BI
Stream Analytics or Datalake

Social Media