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Project Overview

Firepoint is a First Person MR simulator, built around helping firefighters explain and display what their daily work environment is like but without putting anyone at risk. We are currently using the latest in MR (HoloLens & Windows Mixed Reality) technology to help bring the experience forward in the best possible way. The simulator allows you to see through the eyes of a firefighter as you make your way through the multi-storey training ground but with a variety of different encounters to tackle and try to master your skill as a firefighter. The main purpose behind the idea was we felt the emergency service needed a hand in using the latest pieces of technology (VR, MR & AR) but at the same time have something fun and entertaining to use. The plan is for the simulator to be used at open days or recruitment days so they are able to visually show off what it is like to train as a professional, whilst allowing individuals to give it a try and test their skills. We have tried to cover most of the primary interactions that firefighters undergo, i.e House Calls, office blocks, Smoked out rooms and standard signs of Vandalism. Each one on of these are based around using all the necessary equipment but that the same time use some new and upcoming technology that has been introduced quite recently. We are most proud of our networking capabilities between the HoloLens and the Mixed Reality headset allowing the users to connect and interact with each other whilst trying to solve the problems and issues that you may face. Encouraging group interactions, and forcing people to work together in tough situations, quite similar to the experiences Firefighters face when radioing information out to gain advice or plan for further action. Our artists have made our level entirely modular, allowing any user who may wish to do so, change the environment to suit his/her needs depending on the situation. This goal is to allow the service to build a training ground suitable to their needs and limitations. The simulator is not built to be a sandbox editor but can be used in that way if needed. Using the MR motion controllers we have been able to bring you as close as possible to being the real deal, enabling the user to swing axes, use a fire hydrant, man a water-hose, break down doors and rescue civilians. With our custom movement, we believe we have been able to protect users from becoming ill or motion-sick. Allowing the players to walk/run through the training ground smoothly without feeling hindered. We believe this simulator will change the way people view Firefighters and give others a greater understanding on fire safety, it is also a fantastic tool that can used for the recruitment services and hopefully give them a leap forward in tackling certain situations.

About Team

We are a small team of students from Abertay University, who have created a new simulator in order to aid and advance the current emergency services. Currently, we are working on the Windows Mixed Reality headset alongside the HoloLens in order to create a collaborative experience enabling the users to interact and engage with the training environment. Made up of 3 programmers, 2 artists, 1 designer & 1 producer, we hope to bring something new and revolutionary to the table. Possibly helping us kickstart our careers in the industry.

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