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Project Overview

BeAR is a cross-platform AR mobile app that brings a new dimension in the real world where users are able to easily change the world the way they want together. From their devices people can place content in augmented reality, which gps location will be saved and others will be able to see it from their devices. The content can be a picture, a draw, a simple text or a 3D model. User can set up interactions with these objects and link them into a single structure while others will be able to rank them, take pictures of a view with these objects and share it in social networks.

About Team

We are three young developers from Russia that happened to meet each other and thought: "Why should we wait for better future if we can make it?" We agreeded that each our product must be new, futuristic and awaited. And we trying to create realization of any great idea we have and we won`t stop on it.

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