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Rivindu Weerasekera
New Zealand
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Matt Bastion
New Zealand
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Benjamin Sweney
New Zealand
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Project Overview

"Making it" as a musician in the new age of digital music, streaming and social media is just as much about doing what works for your brand and business as it is about great music. Hypebeat shows how a musician is doing, predicts the success of their future actions and recommends strategies that work so musicians can achieve their creative vision. Hypebeat translates millions of datapoints into a "Hypescore" to show how musicians are doing. Our enriched data (Azure Cognitive Services) is presented so that musicians and managers can unlock deep insights and learn from the successful strategies of related musicians. Hypebeat’s Recurrent Neural Network (Azure Machine Learning Services) uses this data to generate a roadmap of recommended actions towards a musician’s goals, based on what consistently worked for related musicians. Hypebeat predicts the successes of a musician's future actions to further build trust in Hypebeat recommendations and insights. https://hypebeat.io/

About Team

Matt Bastion is a music lover and passionate guitarist, who caught the startup bug after helping numerous founders run their ventures through Velocity and through his other professional experiences at Deloitte and Russell McVeagh. Benjamin Sweney is a software architect who has 9 year’s experience backing him. He has been involved in numerous start-ups, including The Social Club and Halter. Rivindu Weerasekera is an entrepreneurial PhD researcher with his research focusing on Machine Learning applications. Seeing many start-up entrepreneurs through his involvement in Velocity and Return on Science investment committees encouraged Rivindu to try his hand.

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