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Project Overview

Neural Voxel is an AI Computer Aided Diagnosis software that enables the specialist to easily and swiftly diagnose various forms of diseases in MRI and CT scans with a much higher accuracy. This project also aims at reducing the time a patients gets to receive a diagnosis by making the scans easily accessible to specialists or doctors who can diagnose a patient from home. This solution also ensures the well being of the specialist by reducing their chances of burnout by the software showing them areas that might be of interest to them. This enables them to give more focus on that area. This is a leap forward from the current systems whereby the specialists must go through the scan slice by slice. This proves to be a more difficult where the concentration of the specialists tends to fall given a large number of scans to go through. Current systems as of now especially in developing countries use Compact Disks (CD's) to transfer scans from one institution to another for diagnosis this is a very inefficient way of transferring data. Furthermore, Doctors and specialists have to be physically present in institutions to conduct image diagnosis. All of these disadvantages leads to a huge delay in diagnosis leaving the patients health & life at stake. This project seeks to provide solution to all those major challenges.

About Team

Prudent is an undergraduate at JKUAT pursuing Mechatronics Engineering, he is passionate about using technology to solve challenges we encounter in our day to day life. He is an enthusiast in Artificial Intelligence and healthcare.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

Artificial Neural Networks
Machine Learning
Medical Technology

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