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CAJOBO is a platform that assists those who are worried about going another day without a job. Being unemployed is both frustrating and frightening. And, given the current state of the world, it's difficult to plan for the future. According to research unemployment has been linked to an increase in depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, looking for work a few times a week will not help you find a new job quickly, especially in a competitive employment market. Job searchers who wish to be recruited quickly must look for work every day. This is a lot especially, if you're already working another job, companies post new job listings every day, and waiting a few days (or longer!) to apply might drastically decrease your chances of being selected for the job. With CAJOBO Instead of worrying and feeling bad for yourself, you can try to improve your skills and become a better candidate. You don't have to spend hours looking for work; CAJOBO can help you increase your chances of getting hired. You just have to create an account with CAJOBO and fill out your personal and educational information as well as your job preferences. CAJOBO will help you in finding your ideal job and apply for positions that match your expertise and that are near your desired location. Furthermore, CAJOBO will customize your resume and cover letter to the job position and company name prior to sending it out to different companies. Meanwhile, you can enroll in an online course for personal enrichment that may be beneficial to your career. CAJOBO lets you keep working on your skills and taking time to care for yourself and do what you enjoy. CAJOBO works in three simple steps if you are a user who is currently unemployed.

About Team

Malik Jehangir Ahmed, University of Paderborn, master’s in Computer Science, Expected to Grad. 2022 – With a competitive approach, passionate about cutting edge technologies and their wonders. The power of cloud, artificial intelligence and data science are now his focus areas throughout the chosen master’s degree program. He has been into business development workshops and has worked closely with many startups both as a developer for technology and businesses. Mah Jan Dorazahi, University of Paderborn, master’s in Computer Science, Expected to Grad. 2023 -Focuses in Software Engineering. Worked as a Software QA tester, testing web and mobile applications. A UI/UX enthusiast and has a focus on designing beautiful and functional user experiences. Leon Bebbington, University of Paderborn, master’s in Business Informatic, Expected to Grad. 2023 -Focuses in Software Engineering. Got into software engineering already in school where he had some programming courses and did his first projects with his father on a raspberry pi. Worked as a web and mobile developer. Has a passion for developing and designing good UI/UX for web and mobile apps. As Well as fixing bugs and creating new customer based features.

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