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Project Overview

Education has always been a top priority since the dawn of civilizations and became more of a necessity as we scientifically and technologically advanced. Our team analyzed the various branches of education available now and predicted the importance of it in the future. After extensive primary and secondary research, it became evident that computers and autonomous and intelligent systems will form the backbone of future technology. Due to a number of factors including increased computational power of computers, reduced size and power requirements, and its affordability, one can be certain they will play a major role in future jobs. This analysis led our team to focus on the current educational standards in relation to computer studies. We have noticed that many educators, when advertising the importance of computer programming, often compare it against other fields such as business, science, and engineering. However, the crucial difference is that computer programming, along with its high demand, contains most of the critical skills and knowledge for success in the 21st century regardless of career choices. These fundamental skills include technology literacy, problem solving, innovative thinking and communication. Indeed, in an age of the internet, experience and skills becomes manifested over mere knowledge. Apparent complexities in learning to code discourages many students from gaining knowledge and miss out the opportunity to challenge their reasoning and express their ideas. Having revolutionized the modern era, programming enhances critical knowledge, particularly role management and idea expression, that children face in current times. For this reason, we began development of an AI natural language processing system that enables beginners and those without passion in computer science to begin coding in their own native language. The AI is constructed such that any language translated to English would then be analyzed by the AI to execute the intended code. Consequently, this creates a zero-barrier entry point into the field of programming and hence enhances them in problem solving and design skills.

About Team

We originally began as a team of undergraduate students from Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Having worked on design projects and capstone during our studies, we began realizing the need and importance of technology in and how it is rapidly changing the jobs of the future. For this reason, we founded Myotics which aims to be a world-provider for educational products and services that enable kids to familiarize themselves with modern technology at a young age. With the help of you and those alike, we hope to make a difference in the living standards of generations to come.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

App Services (Mobile & Web
Cognitive Services or other AI
Machine Learning

Social Media