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Project Overview

Our Project-WellMask: In 2020, the COVID-19 has swept the world. In order to protect our own safety, people have to wear masks and maintain social distance. While mask protect lives, they also create social interaction challenges. Have you ever experienced such a situation: you always need to repeat words several times and even shout loudly to make sure that other people understand your intentions when you wearing a mask , and this kind of inefficient communication makes you exhausted physically and mentally. As most of our interaction ends perfect with facial expressions and words, communicating with a mask hides the intensity of reaction and speaking volume. So, how can we express efficiently in social interaction when wearing a mask? Actually,we believe a mask also owns a perfect design space to convey the lost information mentioned above. Our product WellMask can easily help people understand others what we are talking about by making more verbal cues and visualizations. We focus on the social scene of masks under the normalization of the epidemic, seeking a smoother communication method to improve the efficiency of communication by integrating technologies such as "real-time speech transcription", "intention extraction" and "emotion recognition" into the mask. We hope that WellMask can help people build better and stronger relationships.

About Team

Our Team- DataMasker: We are DataMasker. We come from different universities, and come up together because of the same goal: we hope to solve the inefficient communication and social interaction caused by masks through our technology and design, so that masks are no longer synonymous with isolation.

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