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Project Overview

NASC is a web app that allows you to search for news articles on the web, attempts to evaluate sentiments in those articles and visualizes the results. Our goal is to encourage people interested in politics and other important topics and events to go beyond the first search result and to look at multiple articles that express different views about the same topic. To achieve this, NASC offers the following three result views: (1) Map View: The Map view helps understanding geographical differences in the attitude towards a given issue. Articles are shown as colored markers on an embedded Bing Maps Control, indicating location and sentiment of the article. (2) Timeline: The Timeline view visualizes the development of the sentiment towards an issue over time. Articles are displayed as colored points in a 2D scatterplot with time on one axis and sentiment on the other. (3) List: The List view provides a familiar user interface similar to regular search engines and shows more details at first glance than the other, more specialized views. | How it works: NASC is an ASP.NET web application with a C# backend, hosted on Microsoft Azure. It uses the news search to find relevant articles, and Microsoft Text Analytics to evaluate their sentiment.

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We are Bastian Urbach, Ibrahim Mhiri and Yannick Urbach, three students of Computer Science at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie in Germany.

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