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Hungary, University of Obuda - John von Neumann Faculty, Budapest University of Technologies - Department of Applied Mechanics, Berzsenyi Daniel Highschool
rientiQ Biotechnologies


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Project Overview

Our solution - rientiQ - provides detection of breast cancer tendency for young adult women using gene sequencing and analysis with quantum machine learning. This service includes a test tube for saliva sent by mail which sample we later analyze. The test results can be viewed from anywhere on a user friendly interface. Our quantum machine learning based approach presents the added value of faster analyzation thus response time, lowering the worrying period from a month to a few days. Quantum machine learning also provides new opportunities to find unusual correlations between known genes and mutational tendency. The sent-by-mail model provides a comfortable service in a premium feeling package. Besides being an accessible and easy-to-use service, rientiQ raises awareness for the noble cause of breast cancer prevention through feasible lifestyle changes.

About Team

The rientiQ biotechnologies team was encouraged by the recent announcement of Microsoft’s Q# to start something new which empowers every person on the planet to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. Emil Novák is the co-founder of Hungarian Robot Builders Association, the largest growing hardware enthusiast community in Hungary. He has extensive experience in the fields of emerging technologies, product prototyping and applied chemistry and has achieved several outstanding international achievements in these fields. Marci Almásy, representing the Microsoft Student Partner program in Hungary, at the Microsoft Microsoft Student Partner Summit in Rome. He has many years of experience in the Imagine Cup competition series. Further developed his Imagine Cup idea, a startup called Hivemind, which seeks to prevent honeybees worldwide extinction using Microsoft cloud and Azure machine learning technologies. Levente Koór is the youngest member of the Microsoft Student Partner Program in Hungary. Despite his early age, he has outstanding knowledge in computer science and physics as well. Currently, he is involved in the development of a unique system, which will help the blind with their daily lives. During the year, there are many events in which he helps people with disadvantages who are presented with the latest technology and are taught programming empowering them to overcome the current limitations in their life.

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