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Med x Up


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Project Overview

The challenges modern health system faces are the sudden surge of patients in crisis and the quite killer of the modern civil disease. Smart Urine Bag is the answer in this generation. It is a real time kidney monitoring system. We provide medics accurate prediction of high-risk patients from a ten-year record and foretell their prognosis way earlier than medical guidelines. Smart Urine Bag is the first step toward a smart hospital. Under the need of personalized medicine in aging society, this preventative approach lowers the price of Intensive critical care, realizing the quality of health services.

About Team

Med x Up aims to find out the unmet needs within recent medical systems, and save the lives suffering from illness through the most simple solutions. Composed of members from Engineering, Medical, and Science backgrounds, added with our intense cooperate with major Medical research institutions from world wide such as National Taiwan University Hospital, we could ensure our products’ future market and potentiality, and hope to upgrade medical systems nowadays.

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