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Project Overview

Farmalytics seeks to enable farmers to make data-driven decisions in their daily farming practices, thereby ensuring a sustainable and consistently profitable model of agriculture. Through the use of on-field sensors that measure important parameters vital for crop growth and data analysis of the sensor data, we provide actionable information in several local languages to the farmers through both a web application and a mobile app.

About Team

Our team is comprised of two graduate students pursuing Computer Science at UC San Diego and Stanford. Alok works in the field of systems and high-performance computing while Chiraag specializes in the areas of Artificial intelligence and Information Management. Both share a common passion for developing technology to address global challenges. Alok is a graduate student at UC San Diego Computer Science. His research interests include systems and distributed systems engineering. He has previously worked in the search query optimization and conversational AI domains. He has also participated and won several Hackathons conducted by the likes of Microsoft, Google, and AngelHack. Chiraag is a graduate student at Stanford Computer Science, specializing in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Information Management/Analytics, dedicated to developing efficient, robust and effective solutions through a pragmatic application of knowledge acquired. He has previously worked in the computational advertising domain and is also an avid hacker, having won several hackathons.

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