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Sergio Mattei
Puerto Rico
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Project Overview

Taleship is a platform built with one goal: making writing fun for all. In the app, users have the ability to get together in a room and write a story in realtime, taking turns like a game, each turn contributing a part to the story. What makes it incredibly fun to play is the fact that a player currently in the turn could change or twist the story completely, and the next user would have to continue it. This degree of unpredictability towards what the story could become makes the game exciting and fun. After writing, authors have the ability to share their collaborative creations with the world, by publishing them. So all in all, it’s not just a game; it’s a community. With Taleship, the opportunities are truly endless. So go ahead, get writing! The stack is fully open source (https://github.com/taleship/taleship) and powered by Azure (hosting and advanced AI APIs), Django, Django Channels for realtime communication, ReactJS for the game client, Redis, PostgreSQL.

About Team

Taleship was created by Sergio Mattei Díaz, a passionate developer and designer who loves crafting great software experiences. Sergio loves making his ideas reality and making the world a better, more connected place.

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