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Project Overview

taking out your family and friends on a car ride downtown, what is the first thing that troubles your mind, probably the moment u fasten your seatbelt : where am I gonna park the car? this is not only an issue in big cramped cities, but in small ones as well, you'd be surprised of how much time and energy (fuel) is spent searching for that one empty parking spot. Well search no further, our project's aims are to eliminate just that, thanks to our Web and Mobile solution, you would be able to see the parking space in real time, know which ones are taken, and which ones are free and head straight there, not only that but you'd also be able to reserve the empty parking space ahead of your arrival, other features include keeping track of your car in the parking lot, and in app parking service payment.

About Team

achraf hammoumi 21 years , software engineer at ISGA Rabat , membre of microsoft student partner , team lead of Club Robotics ISGA . Adil Belhaj 21 years software engineer student at ISGA Rabat , team leader of DSG (Developer Students Group) morocco and Microsoft student partner .Yasmina ziat 22 years Management and logistics student at EST salé . our team consists of three actif members, each one of us bringing in something new to the mix, and together with a goal in mind we work dynamically, and efficiently. we are very enthusiastic about information technology and internet of things and the different ways we can use that to solve real life problems, we always try to keep up with the latest technologies and find ways to integrate them in our projects.

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