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Heart Sound


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Project Overview

Our project is a project on telemedicine which is a product consist of hardware and a software to become an extension arm of a doctor. The current practice of having a heart checkup has a set back which is not having enough amount of data to diagnose the patient's heart condition. So we came out with a hardware called "S3", a software for the doctor to access the patient data and a software for the client to record their data and upload it to the Azure blob storage. The data will go through a series of signal processing and machine learning so that it would lessen the workload of the doctors to go through all the data to check for abnormality.

About Team

Three of us comes from different courses, Telematics, Cyber Security and Biomedical Engineering. Each of us covers different aspect of the project. Therefore, that's what made us a great team. How we know each other was by the link of our lectures and they gave me a project for me to work on. Then we decide to take this project and join imagine cup as a team.

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