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Project Overview

Blinker is a windows application designed to prevent and alleviate Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS). People who use computers for long time are likely to be exposed to CVS such as eye fatigue, blurred vision, dry eye and vision loss. Blinker analyzes a computer user's blink patterns from a webcam (a laptop camera or a phone camera is also possible) in real-time, and it provides alarm events to unconsciously increase the user’s blinking. It also analyzes the distance between the user and the computer and if the user gets too close to the computer screen, it gives a warning event. It is based on its unique algorithm and machine learning so that it accurately detects the user's blinking and distance between the user and the monitor. Blinker visualizes the user's eye blink status and computer usage time by charts to show how properly the user is using computer. We had experiments on quantity of tears to verify that Blinker changes habits of computer users.

About Team

En#I-Guard is from a computer engineering group called En# of Sejong University, Korea. We are innovative and creative computer science students : Min-hyun Park, Sung-min Oh and Myung-sik Yun. We are ready to win Imagine Cup 2017 with our project, Blinker. We hope people who use computers for long time be free from computer vision syndrome(CVS) by using our product. Thank you.

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