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Project Overview

SmartCase is the innovative combination consisting of a multi platform application and an add-on attachable to luggage of all sorts. SmartCase helps travellers to monitor their belongings and avoid thefts. By connecting a SmartCase to your smartphone you can keep all your belongings under control so they don’t get lost or stolen. When your SmartCase moves out of the chosen range the signal light starts blinking red, an alarm sound starts and you simultaneously receive a notification on your smartphone. Once the SmartCase gets back in range you also receive a notification. The signal lights of SmartCase help increasing security at crowded places because everyone can see at once if there are any stolen or abandoned cases around. Visit our website!

About Team

We, Andreas Mai, Jessica Ochs, Lennard Sommer, are students from Karlsruhe and study computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. We came up with the idea of SmartCase after a friend told us that his case got stolen while he was busy with his smartphone. It was clear to us that this is a problem that could have been prevented. While talking about this we had the idea to not only let the user have control over his case but also involve bystanders. Step by step we fleshed out our idea until we finally started realizing it. Half a year later the first prototype was built and our smartphone application developed. We then participated at the National Finals of Imagine Cup in Munich. We are happy to have the chance to present our new prototype and new features at the International Finals of Imagine Cup in Seattle.

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