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Project Overview

At present, we see many kids suffering from various illnesses and diseases throughout their childhood and some consequences of them are tragic. Asthma is one of the widespread diseases around the globe, where it is ranked 3rd as the main cause for hospitalization, for kids under the age of 15. But the problem we see is that, 93% of these kids who are suffering Asthma do not know how to use inhalers properly and they also suffer from severe breathing problems. The main reason for this is that, kids do not like to use inhalers as treatments due to the lack of motivation in the treatment process. Addressing this issue, Team Titans presents a life changing product, titled "Inhalo" with the slogan of "Breathing Made Easy". This product aims at the kids around the world, who are Asthma Patients and it gives a perfect motivation for the kids to carry out proper breathing practices and keep on using the inhalers accordingly. The product comes with a Headset that will identify the breathing patterns of the user, and a Mobile Game, that motivates the kids to use the inhaler and get healthier as they play. The game also supports single player as well as multi-player features.

About Team

Team Titans is from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa. Dimuthu Kariyawasam is the team leader and software developer, where Keet Sugathadasa is the Business Analyst and Buddhi Ayesha is the Hardware Specialist of the team. Team Titans has a long history of national and International achievements where they have been awarded by many distinguished parties from around the world.

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