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Surgical Assistant


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Project Overview

Aiming at the practical problems in congenital heart disease, we developed a Windows medical image processing platform deployed on Azure, the computer diagnosis algorithm and decision-making algorithm based on Azure Machine Learning Studio. Using HoloLens, we can view the patient's heart in both in 2D and 3D mode. Furthermore, we can localize the lesion and observe the details of the lesion.

About Team

We major in biomedical engineering. We got a rare opportunity to get to some children suffering from congenital heart disease. In the hospital, we find that the child’s heart is so small that we have a lot of problems both in the process of examination and surgery. Also, some examinations for adults are not suitable for children, which can cause severe sequelae of children. Therefore, we decide to develop a surgical assistant system for children with congenital heart disease. Now, we have developed this system for over 2 years, and we have tested it in the hospital. We want to let more people know about our work, and we are also willing to solve this problem with the people whoever are interested in it.

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