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Project Overview

Welse is a digital wellness platform with a point-of-care testing device for measuring various proteins in blood which can be used anywhere outside the hospital. We integrate a cloud technology with a lab-on-chip technology to provide a higher quality yet affordable healthcare solution to the community. Welse also helps minimizing the workflow of healthcare workers by digitizing patients’ test results and medical records from any third party devices. Our data visualization and analytics are designed and built with a friendly and easy to interpret interface for all user groups, whether you are a healthcare worker, patient, or a hospital board.

About Team

Welse was formed in June 2016 with three computer engineering students: Kanes Kemiganithi (Champ), Phasathorn Suwansri (Lukkid) and Passagorn Juntaramaha (Pang Pond), from King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi. We start our journey with a dream to make healthcare less expensive and more inclusive.

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