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Project Overview

MeetArticles is a beautiful and interactive Google for articles. Our service can show you detailed information about your field of study. Articles map helps to locate centers of the development in a selected field of study. Articles citation graph is a convenient tool designed for a work with the sources of an article. Co-authors graph shows other scientists working on the same topics. Trend analysis demonstrates latest tendencies in science and their mutual influence. Our website MeetArticles with a help of smart search articles and beautiful visualization tools can show you detailed information about your field of study. Our approach based on natural language processing with a help of machine learning algorithms and tool for language processing ABBYY Compreno. From the technical point of view, our solution is divided into independent parts that are located in docker containers deployed on platform Microsoft Azure. We plan to monetize our project with a help of monthly subscription for more detailed visualizations.

About Team

We are the young and ambitious team of MIPT students that is qualified to implement web and mobile fullstack solutions and high load systems. Our mission is to show that an analysis and a visualisation of large amounts of unstructured text data is no longer troublesome.

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