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Project Overview

SEAT is a tool that aims to improve the learning and teaching experience in programming courses. The system is composed of an online dashboard and a Visual Studio Code extension. The former will allow instructors to get statistics about their student's performance on lab assignments. The latter will provide automatic feedback to students about their code's correctness. As a PoC, we have developed the first version of SEAT to support the Haskell language. You can learn more about the project here:

About Team

Janos: Hi, my name is Janos and I'm from Berlin, Germany. I am a big fan of Haskell and are mostly interested in backend programming, preferably micro-services communicating via messages. I am also interested in blockchain technologies and smart–contracts. Apart from computer science I am interested in politics, specifically foreign affairs. I am also a big fan of snowboarding and ski-mountaineering, but unfortunately the amount of mountains in London & the UK are very limited. Marco: Hi, I'm Marco from Pachino, a small town in Sicily, Italy. I always wanted to be a computer scientist since I was 6, when I saw a robot avoiding hitting walls. I am interested in functional programming and logic. In my free time I like to play videogames and football. Martí: Hey! I'm Marti from Barcelona, Spain. I love programming and I specially enjoy developing apps and websites as well as the backend services that support them. I'm a fan of new technologies and their possible impacts on the future. I also enjoy watching TV series, listening to podcasts, going to the gym and cooking.

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