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Project Overview

GroupCram is a webapp designed to help students prepare for exams. Students who are preparing for exams often use past papers as means of practice though there are several inconveniences that come with this. Firstly, past papers which are available may not be accompanied with corresponding answers for students to check their work against. Secondly, students who may have questions regarding certain sections of past papers do not have readily available access to communicate with other students who may be also working on the same paper. GroupCram aims to address these problems by giving students a platform to collaborate exam answers for everyone’s benefit. Students can upload pdf files of their past papers to GroupCram whereby GroupCram will format the pdf files to add answering spaces underneath each question. Students can then share these papers with their classmates so that everyone can compile and create model answers. Other features such as virtual group study sessions are also in place to motivate students to study.

About Team

Being three students ourselves studying at the University of Auckland, we all felt the common frustrations of preparing for exams. It was precisely our own University's standard rules to not give out answers for past papers which drove us to believe that there must be a solution for students to study without them. Out of this motivation, GroupCram was born. Currently, our team consists of three members; Hamish, Eric, and Nilesh. Hamish, our coding wiz, has been incredible in implementing solutions at lightning speed; Eric, our social butterfly, has managed to captivate the masses with his well-versed communication skills; Nilesh, our innovator, has been pushing forth various unconventional ideas which have worked wonders. Together, we are GroupCram. Together, we aim to make exam preparation a better experience for all.

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