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Project Overview

We have developed and integrated a hardware and mobile application based solution called UriSAF for effective diagnosis and monitoring of maternal health in low resource settings. The solution comprises of hardware module called a “Uriscope” which will enable pregnant mothers to test their urine samples in the comfort of their homes to facilitate automatic screening for uterine tract infections (UTIs), acidosis, dehydration, diabetic ketoacidosis, diarrhea, starvation for an acidic environment and gastric suctioning that takes away stomach acids, kidney failure, kidney tubular acidosis, pyloric obstruction and gestational diabetes. UriSAF also integrates a Windows desk top application as well as a mobile application that is in development, that receives data from the hardware once testing is done, processes it to give a diagnosis and allows for saving to the cloud and sharing with a doctor for further analysis. The app provides tools to track the fetus’ growth and facilitate early detection of pregnancy, information about stages of pregnancy, possible weight and height of the fetus, immunization calendar, family planning, nutrition calendar for both mother and baby, etc. Similar products have been developed in Africa and some include: GiftedMom a mobile health provider based in Africa, works with NGOs to provide free mobile services to expectant mothers and women with newborn children. All these mobile applications are information systems that just provide information about pregnancy UriSAF has a module which is hardware based and can test some of the urine parameters, and provide very accurate information to the mothers about their health.

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LabTech Innovations is a team of 4 young committed innovators that have worked together to create solutions for local problems like low access to antenatal and sexual reproductive health care in Africa.

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