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United Arab Emirates, American University in Dubai
Green Jam


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Mohamed Hassan
United Arab Emirates
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Project Overview

Green Jam is a project that aims to turn recycling into a habit rather than a mandated task for citizens of the future. The project implements a reward system for recycling within the context of an automated recycling station, where each item thrown by the user is automatically processed and dropped into its designated recycling bin. The project uses Machine Learning techniques to identify the item, and then sorts it by the use of basic mechanical motors. The reward system is implemented on the cloud, where users can store their points up to a time when they choose to redeem their points. The points can be redeemed for simple utilities such as recharging your mobile phone's credit, or topping up your public transportation cards. The system also provides smart data analytics for companies to enhance their marketing strategies.

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A team of Computer Engineers passionate about Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. We aim to make the world a better place through smartly and efficiently using existing technologies.

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