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Project Overview

Agriculture and Livestock are two sides of the same coin, where one cannot exist without the other. Nepal is a beautiful country where 2/3 of its population’s livelihood depends on agriculture and livestock. Livestock is an integral part of a complex farming system and in Nepal, it contributes to about 31% to annual gross domestic product (ADGP) and 13% to gross domestic product (GDP). This 13% of the total GDP is estimated to reach to about 25% by the end of 2020 which is a significant growth further proving that livestock have a huge impact in the economic growth of the country. Livestock farming is not only done in Nepal but it has a very huge impact in every part of the World where human civilization exists. My uncle Raju is one of the farmer among about 13 million of livestock farmers in Nepal. He has been in this business for last 10 years and used to be one of the most successful farmer in my community owning 45 animals. But slowly, the productivity at the farm started to drop. Within the time frame of 8 months, his productivity dropped to almost half of his earnings. Following that, a lot of his livestock started losing their lives. He consulted the vet, with their efforts and after spending almost all of his savings, he was able to save just 20 them. The decline for 45 to 20 was a big shock for him. His family's future was uncertain and his dream of making his daughter a doctor was in jeopardy. It took him whole 7 years to recover from this lose and his family is still struggling to get back to those glory days. After facing the problem in my own family I thought of researching and by the help of my team we found out that this wasn't just my uncle's problem but there are other billions of farmers not only in my country but all over the World who are on the verge of shutting down their livestock industries. Most of them are dying because farmers are not able to identify the early symptoms like for example: their animal are entering into heat cycles constantly, being caused by diseases which in my view is easily avoidable. After the whole research on livestock and seeing farmers loose their everything we wanted to create a hope. With this goal, our team ‘echo innovators’ have embarked on an exciting journey to create a solution, FarmLi. FarmLi is our attempt to bring Livestock farming, machine learning, cloud computing, Internet of things and Artificial intelligence together to provide a better life for livestock and finally brighter future for the farmers. FarmLi consists of a neck band which is connected to our mobile application which continuously monitors the livestock’s temperature, behaviour and activity readings and provides you the real time data. Let's go a bit deeper. Strap FarmLi on the animal’s neck. The strap is designed in such a way that to comfortably fit around the animal’s neck. It consists of a number of sensors continuously recording the animal’s vital data. After strapping FarmLi on to the animal's neck, the next step is to register the device on the app and select the type of animal according to your farm. For now, you can choose between three domestic animals i.e. Cow, Buffalo and Goat. Once the registration is done, FarmLi will start transmitting live data to azure and in azure ML Studio we use different algorithms to extract meaningful information from those data. Once the analysis is done, we visualize the data on Power BI dashboard. Along with the information from the ML Studio, the dashboard shows the animal’s temperature, step count, stress level, sleep pattern, pregnancy status, disease symptom's readings over time through immersing graphs along with easy to understand insights. Machine Learning result combined with expert's knowledge base and years of experience to will provide the best actionable recommendations. The user, in this case the farmer is prompted through notification every time there is a health alert or animal shows any disease symptoms or enters into heat cycle or may be is pregnant. With the continuous monitoring and analysis, FarmLi measures everything that evaluates the animal’s health. Think of FarmLi as the farmer’s personal assistant who aids him/her in monitoring the health of the animals all the time. A farmer works so that the world can eat and the platform like FarmLi makes it easier.

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We Echo Innovators is a robust team of tech enthusiastic. We are innovators constantly exploring and innovating. Recently, we are working on two of our products which will be into market soon. We also offer creative and cost effective solutions for web-based applications, mobile applications, mobile QA and IOT (Internet of Things). We love working with new technologies and we keep our brains updating with what's new on town. We all are students of technical courses. We all are in our university level. We are team of four working to bring a impact in our society through our small efforts.

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