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Project Overview

Hoax Analyzer is a service to check whether an information that we received is hoax or not. Utilizing advanced technology including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Services, Hoax Analyzer helps users easily and quickly identify hoax. The objective is to reduce the number of hoax spreading in social media. When users can easily and quickly identify an information as hoax, they will less likely share it in their social media accounts. Hoax Analzyer can be accessed at or via LINE bot @tep9502b.

About Team

CIMOL is a team from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. The team consists of Adi, a student of Information System department, and Fery and Tifa, students of Informatics Engineering department. The team's name is taken from "cimol", a popular local street food snack in Bandung. Adi, Fery and Tifa are currently in their final year in ITB and will be graduated soon.

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