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Keisuke Kishi
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Project Overview

ROOT is my team project which is the world’s first remote and interactive farming platform for urban consumers to join, learn and enjoy agriculture from anywhere at any time via smart devices. ROOT users can enjoy virtual and real farming experience, educational simulation and professional assistance to grow their own crops through its gamified interface. As a farmer, I try to disrupt business model itself in agriculture, especially small farming, through this project and I am so happy that Microsoft UK Team and the Imagine Cup judges appreciated my passion!! I am really grateful to both programs of my MBA (Said Business School, University of Oxford) and this Microsoft Imagine Cup. While MBA program gives me theoretical understanding of markets, technologies, entrepreneurship and investors, the Imagine Cup mentor gives me more practical insights on how to build my business on new ideas and, of course, how to win the competition!! (Actually, my Imagine Cup mentor’s comments were really demanding, relentless but worthwhile for sure because he has extensive hands-on work experience with some startups in agri-tech field.) Azure Cloud Another exciting thing in Imagine Cup is that we can use Microsoft Azure Cloud Service and explore the potential for our own ideas with technical supports from MS experts. This is great for me especially because I am struggling to build functions of data collection from IoT devices, data-analysis, simulation and machine learning (auto response to customers etc.). Microsoft Azure has extensive features in all of these relevant fields. Getting these invaluable supports, ROOT is experiencing a big breakthrough. Please check the current status, here. https://youtu.be/b197vmzigWc I am enjoying the process to Global Final in USA while improving my agri-tech initiative in every part of technology, design and business planning with Microsoft UK and look forward to showing my passion for agriculture again to US judges with ROOT.

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KSF.LLC is an agri-tech startup pioneering a new age of agribusiness to make agriculture closer to everyone. The CEO, Keisuke Kishi is a farmer from Japan and current MBA candidate at University of Oxford, UK. It is winning honors, awards and much attention in more than 10 competitions and conferences in the 7 countries (UK, France, US, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and Portugal) and being backed up by Said Business School, University of Oxford, Microsoft UK, University of Tokyo and FAB Accelerator in Oxford.

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