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Project Overview

Elephant is one of the first so advanced biomedical textronix suites for infants. It offers ordinary looking baby suit which senses baby's muscle tensions and vital signals delivering micro physiotherapy vibrator units. Therefore the suit with supplemented application is able to prevent possible disabilities. Our product Elephant - consists of newborn sensory clothing, mobile app for parents, physiotherapy activators in bodysuit and additional ecosystem of nursering gadgets and a cloud-based medical back-end. A complete set of utilities and applications which every parent needs. The real problem that we are solving are the child birth diseases and disabilities. And each and every child can suffer from sudden infant death syndrome, abnormal muscle tensions, possible heart arrest or muscle and motor disabilities. The studies show that in 33% mid-life pregnancy, in 35 % of causes the problems are cause complications during pregnancy, in 29% premature birth and low birth weight, in 43% caesarean sections. But also in the future development such problem will cause additional health threats. These threats can be easily mitigated with the use of Elephant. Elephant is composed of following components: • smart clothing – a textile integrated sensors, which provide data sources for further biomedical data acquisition; • integrator unit - with processing algorithms for biomedical signal filtering and analysis; • mobile app – responsible for sensor data acquisition, aggregation and child health state recognition, delivering a simple and intuitive interface for parents correlating the data and inferring the events based on defined rules. • Cloud-based analytical services and web-portal – delivering advanced disabilities and disease recognition mechanisms and a users’ medical knowledgebase. Services and web-portal accumulate the health state history and trends which help parents and medical staff diagnose possible threats and hazards providing possible physiotherapy and treatment. The application logic evaluates also physiotherapy recommendations translated into vibration units control signals. We assume that based on correlated myography signals and inertial data we are able to evaluate valuable infant development characteristics which can trigger physiotherapy actions provided by vibration units. Elephant’s prototype bodysuit monitors baby’s vital signals, providing major information on physical activity (myography, actigraphy, cardiography). Fusing this data allows Elephant to evaluate muscle development abnormalities, prepare physiotherapy recommendations and monitor major biological parameters such as pulse, temperature, perspiration. Current R&D also addresses new ways of estimating parameters connected with abnormal activity of respiratory muscles and further respiration rate. The hardware is responsible for the first stage of analysis and the smartphone app is performing the complex medical diagnostics. Composition of biomedical sensors (electromyography, electrocardiography) with inertial data allows the system to investigate proper movement patterns, muscle and heart activity. Monitoring of temperature and galvanic skin response in selected parts of the body provides data on the perspiration and fever. The bodysuit not only senses – but actually stimulates the body by applying vibrations on major muscle groups. Furthermore Elephant delivers ecosystem of additional gadgets which help parents to calm their children and help with nursing. The gadgets offer sound therapy imitating fetal environment as well as lullabies. These gadgets extend the functionality of the system but most of all provide additional business opportunities. Elephant mobile app delivers vital signal monitoring and health hazard recognition. It also controls muscle stimulation and support eco-system of gadgets. All it come in very pleasant and intuitive graphical design. Health event notifications help parents to assist the baby and in case of problems the application is a medical data bank – for a paediatrician to evaluate. Elephant application manages baby and parents profile, it is responsible for persisting and processing sensor data in order to evaluate baby’s health state and prepare medical diagnostics and treatment guidelines. It also serves as an ICE device, health evaluator and it manages available paediatric data. The advantage of proposed Elephant approach is to deliver a simple and constant infant’s health monitoring and tailored automatic physiotherapy. Except mobile application the Elephant provides a SOA infrastructure and web application accessible by parents and medical staff. It serves as a medical guidance and configuration portal for assisting our clients. Thanks to Azure and AMLS we provide scalable infrastructure for medical reporting services but most of all our analytical components delivering signal processing and medical diagnostics.

About Team

Hi we are the Idea_hunters team and we represent Poland. We study at Military University of Technology at Cybernetics and Electronics faculties. We combine interdisciplinary knowledge from medicine, IT and electronics. And we are eager to experiment, learn and most of all we are determined to achieve our goals. After all our university specialization speaks for itself. Let me introduce our team – I am Magda the chief medical analyst and technology translator. And I am the founder of our project responsible for requirements and processing methods. And here are the technology geeks: Hi I am Paweł, I am responsible for the software side of our system, I combine mobile and web technologies and I was also responsible for integration of system components. Hi I am Bartek, and my job was to design and construct elephant’s hardware and turn this invention into life. I also developed low level DSP algorithms for medical diagnostics. Our strengths are primarily our skills and positive attitude to the tasks. With the knowledge gained from qualified specialists and access to modern technology, we decided to create this project.

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