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Project Overview

PocketConfidant AI is developing the first virtual coach powered by Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to be a preventive tool, supporting individuals going through personal, professional or academic transitions, helping them develop the competencies they need to enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, become more resilient and self-confident. A deep questioning cycle helps the user to better understand their issues and work towards the desired outcome and action plan. Asking the “right question at the right time” facilitates self-distancing; and interaction with the coaching-questioning system adds to and continually develops effective coping skills, moving the user towards more resourceful states. We do not seek to replace personal human interaction nor to replace a coach or a therapist, but to be in the hands of an individual when they cannot access human support because of time of day, cost, stigma, or not ready to talk, etc. PocketConfidant is a tool to open millions of individuals to personal coaching conversations in real-time, which are confidential and self-paced. We do not provide advice or diagnosis. Through language-based technologies, we are enabling people to develop the required skills to become more resilient and proactive in dealing with the many challenges of daily life. Additionally, through a dashboard we are enabling organizations to understand the day to day realities that individuals are facing, giving them the opportunity to create new programs of intervention to better support their populations, ecosystems or stakeholders.

About Team

At PocketConfidant team created by students and recent graduates. We are building a solution that can help people around the world to overcome their daily challenges and realize their full potential. We believe in coaching with AI: empowerment at scale, with technology. Imagine Cup team: #Nikita Lukianets (Product Lead) FRANCE Nikita is responsible for product strategy and design. Has a M.Sc. in Applied Physics from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and MBA in Design and Innovation management awarded by Politecnico di Milano School of Management. His passion is Human-Computer interaction and he is excited about managing creative teams and helping companies bring meaning to their products through technology. For several years, he focused on the User Experience side of product (worked as UI designer, Front-end developer, System Analyst, Product Manager). Nikita is currently finalizing his PhD in the field of Computational Neuroscience in University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France), advancing the field of fine motor control and brain-inspired computing. #Jyoti Mishra (Machine Learning and NLP engineer) INDIA Jyoti is responsible for language analysis and bot's logic. Has worked extensively in NLP and Machine Learning - specifically Deep Learning. In NLP she has worked on tasks such as, Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Similarity, Abusive Language Detection, Text Classification. The specific technologies used to achieve these tasks range from open source libraries like gensim, nltk, etc., to specific Deep Learning Architectures, like Convolutional Neural Networks, Autoencoders, LSTM, Recursive Autoencoders etc. Jyoti has experience in developing the neural networks from scratch in Theano and Keras which enable her to implement the latest research in Deep Learning in NLP tasks. Teaming with her previous employer Jyoti developed cutting edge technology stack that was in direct competition with the technology of companies like Alchemy" (now IBM Watson). Jyoti is studying in Master in Data Science at Indian Institutes of Technology.

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