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South Africa
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Project Overview

Alice is an online environment that helps its users overcome multiple forms of addiction. It allows for portability and easy communication between users and their counselors. Alice provides its users with both a Web and Mobile App. So, no matter where in the world our users are, they can always receive the help they require. With features such as an addiction program, prediction when users will relapse, a heart rate scanner, a location based emergency contact list, virtual badges as users progress and most importantly an environment in which counselors can manage their patients. Let Alice lend you a helping hand! Visit our homepage to find out more:

About Team

We are a final year Computer Science and Software Engineering team at the University of Johannesburg. We believe that software is one of the world's most powerful tools and can be used to change the world for the better; making people's lives easier, bridging the economic gap and aiding in the creation of one world through globalization. As a team, we believe that we have a moral obligation to deliver systems that will do this and use our knowledge of software to help better the world through innovation.

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